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FCCPC Automates the Merger Notification Process for its Mergers & Acquisition Unit (M&A)

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s (FCCPC) Mergers & Acquisition Unit (M&A) required an efficient and secure solution to handle merger notifications. Traditional paper-based processes were time-consuming and limited, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, which highlighted the need for a digital platform that enables remote processing.

COVID-19 Monitoring Application for Oyo State Government Ministry of Health

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, Oyo State faced the challenge of effectively managing limited resources to combat the virus and prevent its transmission. The lack of testing facilities and kits further complicated the situation. Recognizing the urgency, Techbarn collaborated with the Oyo State Government’s Ministry of Health, to develop a monitoring application that would enable efficient data collection and prioritization, helping the state manage the crisis effectively.

Triumph Frontier Services Limited Streamlines Vehicle Licensing in Oyo State

Triumph Frontier Services Limited (TFS) approached Techbarn with a crucial project: developing and maintaining an electronic vehicle licensing and renewal system for Oyo State. The objective was to establish a seamless process for registering and renewing vehicle licenses while reducing fraud in the system.

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