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FCCPC Automates the Merger Notification Process for its Mergers & Acquisition Unit (M&A)


The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s (FCCPC) Mergers & Acquisition Unit (M&A) required an efficient and secure solution to handle merger notifications. Traditional paper-based processes were time-consuming and limited, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, which highlighted the need for a digital platform that enables remote processing.


Techbarn collaborated with the M&A Unit to develop a case management system that aligned with the Outcome-Driven Innovation Process. By conducting outcome-based customer interviews with M&A Case Handlers, the Unit Head, and management, Techbarn aimed to understand their needs and goals in processing merger notifications.

“With the development of the Merger Notification Portal, FCCPC became the only competition regulator in Africa, and one of the very few globally, with a such a remote notification filing system and we are very proud of this. The portal is user friendly, and it affords us the opportunity and flexibility of working anywhere and anytime.

Overall, it has greatly enhanced efficiency and productivity, and the support service from Techbarn has been very prompt and responsive”.  – Christiana Umana. Acting Head, Mergers & Acquisition Department.


Rather than focusing on specific features, the interviews aimed to uncover the desired outcomes of the M&A Unit. Through this approach, Techbarn quantified the needs of different user types and identified opportunities for workflow and process improvements. The result was a clear product roadmap that addressed the Commission’s Job-to-be-done effectively.


Techbarn successfully developed a robust yet user-friendly Merger Portal for the M&A Unit. The solution empowered firms to conveniently file and submit merger notifications online, eliminating the need for physical visits to the Commission’s headquarters. The case management system automated workflow processes, ensuring efficient processing for M&A Case Handlers. With enhanced document storage and management capabilities, the platform provided secure permissions control, eliminating the risk of confidential information being mishandled. As a result, the FCCPC experienced faster turnaround times in processing merger applications, while ensuring that case handlers had exclusive access to relevant documents.

Techbarn’s secure case management solution enabled the M&A Unit to overcome the challenges of manual processes and adapt to the demands of the pandemic era. The successful implementation of this outcome-driven project showcases Techbarn’s expertise in building tailored software solutions that meet the specific needs of clients while prioritizing usability, security, and efficiency.

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