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Triumph Frontier Services Limited Streamlines Vehicle Licensing in Oyo State


Triumph Frontier Services Limited (TFS) approached Techbarn with a crucial project: developing and maintaining an electronic vehicle licensing and renewal system for Oyo State. The objective was to establish a seamless process for registering and renewing vehicle licenses while reducing fraud in the system.


To gain comprehensive insights into the project requirements, Techbarn employed the Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) framework, conducting outcome-based customer interviews with TFS staff and existing system users. These interviews focused on understanding the desired outcomes rather than specific feature requests, uncovering key customer needs.

Key Customer Needs:

  1. Harmonized Vehicle Licensing: Develop a unified application to streamline the registration and renewal process for vehicle licenses in Oyo State.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Design a simple and intuitive interface that facilitates ease of use for all stakeholders.
  3. Training and Support: Provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to TFS staff for efficient system utilization.
  4. Authenticity Verification: Create a dedicated website where vehicle owners can easily verify the authenticity of their licenses.
  5. USSD Shortcode Verification: Implement a USSD shortcode system enabling government officials to verify license status and vehicle authenticity using the vehicle plate number.
  6. Fraud Prevention: Employ automation to eliminate fraud opportunities and reduce human input in the licensing process.
  7. Transaction Analytics: Enable management to make informed decisions through analytics of licensing transactions.
  8. Granular Reports: Generate detailed reports showcasing funds generated at a granular level, meeting the requirements of the State Liaison Officer.
  9. Suspicious Transaction Identification: Implement mechanisms to flag and investigate potentially fraudulent transactions.

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Leveraging the insights gained from outcome-based customer interviews, Techbarn developed an innovative vehicle licensing system for TFS, aligned with the JTBD framework. The solution addressed the identified customer needs, offering the following capabilities:

  1. Unified Application: A cohesive platform that streamlined the registration and renewal process, replacing fragmented systems.
  2. Intuitive Interface: A user-friendly interface that simplified licensing procedures for all stakeholders.
  3. Comprehensive Training and Support: In-depth training programs and ongoing support to equip TFS staff with system proficiency.
  4. License Authenticity Website: A dedicated website enabling vehicle owners to easily verify license authenticity.
  5. USSD Shortcode Verification: A shortcode system facilitating efficient license verification for government officials using vehicle plate numbers.
  6. Fraud Prevention and Automation: Integration of automated workflows and reduced human input to mitigate fraud risks.
  7. Transaction Analytics: Data-driven insights providing management with valuable information for informed decision-making.
  8. Granular Reports: Detailed reports presenting funds generated at a granular level, meeting the State Liaison Officer’s requirements.
  9. Suspicious Transaction Flagging: Implementation of mechanisms to identify and investigate potentially fraudulent activities.


Techbarn’s solution empowered TFS to streamline the vehicle licensing process in Oyo State. The developed system facilitated efficient registration and renewal of harmonized vehicle licenses while significantly reducing fraud risks. Automation and minimized human input enhanced operational efficiency, ensuring accurate transactions. The integration of a license authenticity website and USSD shortcode system provided a seamless experience for both vehicle owners and government officials. Through comprehensive reporting and analytics, TFS gained valuable insights to make informed decisions, promoting transparency and accountability.

By leveraging the JTBD framework and conducting outcome-based customer interviews, Techbarn successfully addressed TFS’s overarching goals. The implemented vehicle licensing system showcased Techbarn’s capabilities in delivering intuitive and efficient solutions, tailored to meet the needs of clients and users.

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