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Endpoint Management & Security

Manage & Secure your workforce.

The more endpoint devices connect to a corporate network, the more avenues’ cybercriminals have to infiltrate that network. Endpoint security management enables network administrators to identify and manage end users’ device access—even employees’ personal devices—over the corporate network.

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Endpoint Management & Security

What is Endpoint Security Management?

Endpoint management is the critical process of managing and securing of endpoints (like desktops, laptops, mobile devices, servers and other devices in the network) that store and process data in an organization using a unified endpoint management tool from a single console.
Endpoint device management solution offers a streamlined and efficient way for IT to carry out complex on-demand tasks using a variety of endpoint management capabilities, such as patch management, asset management, software deployment, reporting, and remote control, to monitor and keep track of end-user devices while adhering to organizational requirements and little involvement from the end user.

At Techbarn, we deploy endpoint agents to devices connected in your network to help protect sensitive corporate data as these endpoint devices are prone to security breaches and attacks if they are not monitored, managed and controlled.

Endpoint Management & Security

Why is Endpoint Security Management Important?

Businesses, regardless of its size, benefits from endpoint security and a centralized interface for managing. Cybercriminals are always coming up with new strategies for exploiting consumers, getting past security measures, launching malware, and stealing data or holding it for ransom.

With more employees working remotely, —either because they are headquartered elsewhere or because travel is a significant part of their job—they must be able to access company information from anywhere. Without sufficient device security, an employee utilizing the free WiFi in a coffee shop or airport to catch up on work could unintentionally give hackers access to confidential company information or even the network itself.

While the antivirus software can eliminate viruses and other malicious software that is already present in an endpoint device, techbarn provides an added layer of security as part of our endpoint security solution by implementing a Zero-trust security—”never trust, always verify”— framework to safeguard the weak points across the network along with patching multiple systems to prevent any paths that can lead to security breaches no matter where employees are or what device they use, your employees and your organization must be protected.

Our endpoint management solution amps up the workforce productivity and safeguards the corporate network from vulnerabilities, cyber attacks and data thefts.

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The threats are real. Cyber-attackers are always looking for easy targets to expose sensitive data and cause downtime to networks with small and medium-sized businesses as easy victims.

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