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Create a welcoming experience for your visitors.

Welcome people with a visitor management system that simplifies the management of guest, staff, and delivery traffic to improve security, productivity and your organisations brand.

Key Features

Everything you need to simplify
visitor and delivery traffic.

When your business gets interrupted by an IT issue, productivity of staff and organization output is affected. Do you have a fast and reliable tech support team to resolve the technical issues, regardless of how big or small the problem is?

At transitIT, we provide your organization with unlimited access to our team of IT experts as part of our Managed IT Solutions. Our IT engineers works with your employees to resolve their issues promptly, so they can get back to work quickly.

We resolve everything from problems with Microsoft Office to password resets to printer issues. Most of these issues can be resolved remotely, however where necessary, we send a technician on-site. Whenever a critical infrastructure or service goes down e.g. application sever breaks down, our job is to get you back online as quickly as possible.

Our IT support engineers preforms remote preventative maintenance on desktops and laptops such as anti-virus updates, deleting temporary files, and scanning/removal of malware and spyware. Our priority is to ensure the health of your workstations by making sure they are secure, patched and running at optimum efficiency. This means a happier, productive employee base and a boost to your bottom line.

Key Features

Everything you need to simplify
visitor and delivery traffic.

Increased Up-time

Our proactive device monitoring and maintenance significantly improves up-time of your workstations and ensures minimal interruption to your employees.

Improved Security

Our proactive IT security services help keep cyber-criminals out – protecting your business, your customers and your bottom line.

Increased Productivity

Employees can focus on their core job functions instead of dealing with annoying IT problems.

Predictable Costs

Our Desktop & User Care is included in our flat-rate IT plan. No hourly charges

Unlimited Access to Enterprise-Level IT Support

Get peace of mind knowing your employees’ have direct access to the experts who ensure their IT issues are being resolved 24/7/365.


Our team is an extension of yours – our support can grow as you grow. We track and recommend hardware and software additions based on your needs.

Powering Workplace Experiences!

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